Meditation Cards

We’ve designed and printed these Meditation cards, they’re great for personal inquiry  and exploring the hidden depths of your psyche.

meditation cards

Pick a random card, then take some time away from the daily routine to contemplate the message on the card – There are multiple levels to each message, allow yourself to day-dream while contemplating each card. New and more profound meanings will occur to you – Use the cards alone, or in a group; as a meditation, as a personal inquiry or just for fun.

We’re also working on an Android app version.  If you’re interesting in either the card version or the app then please get in touch.  We’d love to know if this idea is worth developing and finding a way to reduce the cost of bringing the cards to the market.


Relax – it feels good

SoundCloud is great…

One day, for no apparent reason at all, I was overcome by this overwhelming feeling of bliss. So I picked up the guitar and plugged in the delay pedal and hit the record button…

We entered a short film competition

The Metaverse Project enters a film competition.

2018-03-17 00.13.04.jpg

So maybe you’ve heard of Secret Cinema ?

Well, this wasn’t so secret, but still… the 48 Hour Film challenge by Portsmouth’s DVMission had some secrets up its sleeve.

Over 30 teams entered this year (2018), double last years count.

The theme was something HORROR, perhaps zombies, maybe vampires, perhaps a little Tarantino thrown in for good measure… we all waited with bated breath for the obstructions.

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